Fresh Dog Food Brand NomNomNow Teams Up With KetoPet Sanctuary to Support Treatment for Dogs With Cancer

OAKLAND, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 7, 2017) – NomNomNow, the two-year-old Bay Area start-up dedicated to making the healthiest, human-grade fresh dog food available and delivering it direct to door, announces a partnership furthering its commitment to canine health and longevity. The company will donate one percent of its sales to support the mission of KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS), which provides leading-edge cancer treatment and a “forever home” to shelter dogs at its Southern California facility.
“KetoPet Sanctuary is doing incredible work validating treatments and therapies based on a ketogenic diet and metabolic conditioning to extend the quality of life for dogs with cancer that they have rescued,” said Nate Phillips, CEO and co-founder, NomNomNow.
Phillips’s brother Zach, another of the company’s co-founders, witnessed firsthand the healing power of food when his puppy, Harlee, was diagnosed with a compromised immune system. The veterinarian recommended a fresh, home-cooked diet, which Phillips made. The homemade dog food diet provided support for a healthy and strong immune system, and increased Harlee’s energy and improved her coat and skin.
“At any stage of life, food is medicine that can prevent, and sometimes cure, a multitude of ailments and/or illnesses,” said Zach Phillips. “Our partnership with KPS reflects a shared commitment to feeding our four-legged family members a healthy, well-balanced diet that contributes to and promotes their health and longevity.”
The dogs at KetoPet Sanctuary are considered unadoptable due to their cancer diagnosis. Yet, through the Sanctuary’s nutrition based cancer treatment protocol, the organization has documented successes in improving the quality of life for a number of the dogs they have treated these past four years.
“We’ve seen the healing effects of a raw ketogenic diet in our dogs with cancer. NomNomNow’s belief in what we are doing and support of our program will help us to continue our work and, in turn, validate that the therapies that we have developed are effective,” said Paul Raybould, Executive Director, Epigenix Foundation, (KetoPet is a program of Epigenix Foundation).
NomNomNow was created to be the healthiest dog food available by its founders who believe that dogs deserve to live healthier, happier and longer lives and that one way to do that is to feed them a nutritionally-balanced diet, with fresh ingredients you can see.
“Feeding your dog a fresh, gently-cooked whole food diet means their body will be able to absorb more of what they eat and puts vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins to good use,” said Nate Phillips. “It also means they are not being exposed to potentially harmful fillers, preservatives and additives that can contribute to chronic illnesses or disease. We hope that the work we are doing to educate consumers about canine nutrition through our own company and now our relationship with KetoPet will help many more dogs to live long, happy and healthy lives.”
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Oakland, Calif.-based NomNomNow was founded in 2014 after brothers, Nate and Zach Phillips and Zach’s wife Alex, adopted a pair of mini Australian Shepherds and later learned that Harlee (Zach’s pup) had a compromised immune system. The vet’s recommended remedy was a fresh food diet, which Zach prepared for Harlee. The dramatic and positive results were the inspiration behind NomNomNow home delivery dog food service. Joining the Phillips’ in the venture was friend/engineering wizard Wenzhe Gao. The company teamed up with Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg, to formulate its five recipes delivering the perfect balance of nutritious vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs. Only human-grade ingredients, with no artificial preservatives and no fillers, are used to provide a nutritionally-balanced diet to each of NomNomNow’s customer’s canines.
KetoPet Sanctuary was founded in 2014 as a program of a 501c3 non-profit organization called Epigenix Foundation. KetoPet Sanctuary is a “Forever Home”, rescuing dogs from being euthanized because they have cancer. KetoPet offers the highest standard of Veterinary care, as well as therapeutic modalities typically utilized in human cancer treatment. KetoPet’s mission is to continue to validate the metabolic impact of a ketogenic diet in improving health outcomes for dogs with cancer.

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