Franke Launches Industry-First, Bluetooth(R)-Enabled StillPure(TM) Filtration System

SMYRNA, TN–(Marketwired – Jul 26, 2017) – Franke has added StillPure™, a complete under-sink filtration system, to its top-of-the-line collection of luxury sinks, faucets and kitchen solutions. Equipped with industry-first Bluetooth technology to monitor water usage from a smart phone, Franke’s StillPure™ Filtration System improves the taste, odor and color of water by removing harmful bacteria, parasites and cysts, chlorine and lead — allowing users to enjoy naturally-fresh water directly from the kitchen faucet.
“Pure, pristine water is essential for everything we do in today’s health-conscious kitchen,” said Oliver Bahr, president, Franke Kitchen Systems North America. “Completely filtered water is just as important for rinsing, prepping, cooking and cleaning as it is for drinking. With Franke’s StillPure™ Filtration System, you’ll always have the freshest water for any purpose — where and when you need it.”
The StillPure™ Filtration System is compatible with any Franke point-of-use faucet including single-source models and Franke’s award-winning 3-in-1 faucets which produce hot, cold and filtered water all from one spout. Plus, with StillPure™, the filtration features are discreetly tucked away to keep the workspace around the sink uncluttered and beautiful.
The StillPure™ Franke Filtration App, now available for free download in both Apple and Android app stores, works with the exclusive FM100 module, a Bluetooth® monitor that easily attaches to the filtration system. It tracks how many filtered gallons of water a household consumes and conveniently alerts users when it’s time to change the filter.
StillPure™ Filtration transforms tap water into the purest drinking water in four easy steps: 
1. Select a Filtration Faucet: Beautifully-designed faucets dispense hot, cold and filtered water, and are a stunning complement to many Franke sinks and faucets, creating a coordinated look with effortless style.
2. Choose a Water Filter: Franke filters feature multi-stage filter technology to remove unwanted particles, letting cleaner water flow through the faucet and improve water quality.
3. Keep Water Chilled: Providing perfectly-chilled water with each glass, the Franke chiller is air-cooled and designed to fit under the sink.
4. Monitor Filtered Water Usage: Working with the Franke Filtration System, the StillPure™ Franke Filtration App tracks how many filtered gallons of water a household consumes, which translates into fewer plastic bottles in landfills and household money saved. It also conveniently sends alerts, based on actual water usage, when it is time to change the filter. Users may also re-order new filters right from the app. The monitor carries a 5-year battery life and a 1-year warranty.
“Water contaminants can be invisible to the eye and even to the tongue, but with the Franke StillPure™ App and real-time updates that take the guess work out of knowing when to replace your filter, you’ll know for sure that your water is as pure as possible,” said Bahr. “Franke StillPure™ delivers the cleanest water — for the healthiest life — to the heart of your home.”
Franke’s StillPure™ Filtration System is sold exclusively at Franke retailers for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) between $95-$945. To find a Franke retailer near you and to learn more about Franke products, visit
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